Welcome to the home of our modern, quasi-contemplative order dedicated to helping people of all faiths establish closer communion with the Divine.  Quasi-contemplative means we communicate with the Divine throughout our day in a quiet, peaceful and relaxed attitude.  We sit in quiet meditation when we have the time and we find a minute ot two here and there to contemplate or commune with the Divine.

We dedicate this Order and the work of this Order to the three Marys at the cross when the Master Jesus was crucified.  Many of us believe those three Marys were Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary the older sister of Jesus and Mary Magdalene who history teaches us was probably his bride and the Holy Grail.  (What few men know is all mothers are the Holy Grail.)

Our Mission is to help people attain personal communion with the Divine for the purpose of helping all people, animals, plants and our planet heal from all physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual pain and suffering.

Modern Order means we are not cloistered and we do not spend all of our waking hours in contemplation.  We communicate with the Divine -- this is called communion  -- throughout our day in a quiet, peaceful and relaxed attitude.  We sit in quiet meditation when we have the time and we find a minute or two here and there to speak (commune) with the Divine..

Membership is available to members of the Universal Gnostic Church who also subscribe to our Rule of Communion.  Members receive monthly lessons to help them follow their chosen spiritual path and develop communion with the Divine.

Information for Prospective Members

The Rule of Communion is an expression of our dedication to the Divine and a statement of our intention to set aside a period of time each day for communion with the Divine.  This time may be spent in reading spiritual literature, prayer, study,  contemplation, meditation or serving the Divine in the manner chosen by the member. 

Membership Options are either Sustaining Member or Working Member:

SUSTAINING MEMBERS.  Sustaining members donate $25.00 US or more to the Order each year to help pay the expenses of the Order.  These expenses include this website, the Intentional Prayer website, network and project and electrical expenses to keep our computers running 24/7 with the prayer wheel and quantum healing energy.

WORKING MEMBERS.  Working members donate time to pray for a group of six people in the Intentional Prayer Network.  They do this as a service to others in addition to their own network.  They will be praying for a total of eleven people daily, five in their own network and six in the network assigned to them.  Eleven is a holy number that brings a blessing to the person praying for others.

Application for Membership

More Information About Us

Spiritual Literature includes holy scripture of any religion teaching the value of acceptance, forgiveness and love.  It also includes any book by any author espousing the value of acceptance, forgiveness and love.

Prayer is defined as being in communion with the Divine where communion is defined as speaking with and listening to the Divine.  The basic tool of prayer developed by the Order of Mary is Intentional Prayer.

Intentional Prayer is an method for communing with the Divine that has proven itself over and over many times.  The Order of Mary teaches the technique of Intentional Prayer and has organized both an Intentional Prayer Network and an Intentional Prayer Project for the benefit of the public.

Intentional Prayer Technique

Intentional Prayer Network

Intentional Prayer Project

Study includes any workshop, seminar or course centering on ideas supporting the value of spirituality, communion with the Divine, acceptance, forgiveness and love.  Study may also include writing as opposed to reading and studying. 

The Order presents several workshops and seminars every year on Intentional Prayer and other subjects.  If you'd like to have such a seminar or workshop in your area of the country, please advise our Director of Education.  Thanks.

Contemplation is intensely focusing on a spiritual object or concept for a period of time.  Generally, fifteen to twenty minute periods of contemplation are more beneficial for most people than long, extended periods of contemplation.  As with any generality, some individuals may find a different approach works better for them.

Meditation is a form of contemplation where the individual becomes receptive to the Divine.  The Order believes the most effective form of meditation is that taught by the Modern Essenes as the Essene Healing Breath Meditation.

Serving the Divine is any form of service done with love to benefit humanity, animals, plants or the planet.  While the exact method of service is up to the member, the intention of that service must be more for the benefit of other humans or animals, plants and "Mother Earth."

Intentional Prayer


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